Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards
How will the companies be reviewed and certified?

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  • The accredited reviewers (in case they are not actively addressed by interested companies anyway) are looking for appropriate companies in their country and address them for certification. The reviewers propose the company and project to the DIKMU.

  • The reviewers closely follow the DIKMU's extensive catalogue of questions and tasks of visual inspection. They collect the necessary information and sift through the submitted documents. They then evaluate the companies state according to the guidelines given by the DIKMU.

  • The reviewers examine the sustainable entrepreneurial, strategic and planning competence, a professional, systematic preparation for the future ("Will you still be exists in 5 years?"), as well as the seriousness of the company. Entrepreneurial professionalism and management skills of the management are required as well as future-oriented operational concepts such as Strategic Positioning / Strategic Management, Institutionalized Marketing, Innovation and Internationalization Management and long-term strategies for ICT.

  • Basically: All communication between DIKMU, reviewers and companies for negotiation and review including all documents of the entire certification process will be done and written in English.

  • The certified companies have to face costs for the reviewer’s work and certification fee. The latter will be charged only in case of a positive decision for the company.

  • The resulting report will be sent to the DIKMU along with the reviewer’s detailed assessments and his final suggestion. The DIKMU will examine the review documents and decides on the certification, if necessary with further requirements for the company or retrainings.

  • In case, the certificate will be awarded, the certificate as a document will be handed to the appraiser, who passes this over to the company. Then the company can present itself as a Certified Entrepreneur.

  • It will also be listed in a public list of the DIKMU available on the Internet and becomes a member of the upcoming "Club of Certified Entrepreneurs".

  • The certificate is initially valid for 5 years. Beyond this time the validity of the certificate and membership in the club expires.

  • But, at the end of this period, the company can be re-examined during a new but shortened review and after successful completion and a positive decision, the certificate becomes permanently valid. The costs for this renewed review are considerably lower than of the initial review.